EveLive CamsPower White Label Program Comparison

Here at WhiteLabelAdultWebcams.com, we compare the various webmaster opportunities in the adult webcam niche. As experienced internet marketers, we try to always keep an open mind for the latest and greatest opportunities and as any online marketer who has been in the business for more than a few years can attest to; making living online demands that you keep up to date.

How do CamsPower White Label Sites Stack Up?

Our experience using camspower.com white label sites / program is mixed as you will read in our reviews. (We will update in 3 months)
Our experience using camspower.com white label sites/program is mixed as you will read in our reviews. (We will update in 3 months)

Anyway, today I am happy to share our first update of 2015; our experiences so far using the new CamsPower white label program.

First off let me share that we just created our first white label adult cam site from EveLive.com which is set up via camspower, a few months ago. Here is what we do with all the, ‘create your adult webcam sites‘:

We tested the creation panel as we do all the adult webcam white label programs. First, we checked to see how the creatives worked that were supplied from CamsPower.com after we set up our white label sex cam site.

Then we checked all the tracking for those creatives. Then we tested it from the user experience angle.

Afterward, we checked on the other considerations like webmaster referral programs, white label payouts, and the like.

Finally, since we have adult webcam sites created and functioning on Streamate, AWE, Bonga, WebcamWiz, and AWE we started doing some testing to see how it penciled with a good display and popunder ads.

Anyway, we bought some popunder ads from Exoclick, and off we went. So far the results have been excellent.

(Disclaimer: Before I share the outcome of our tests I should state that you must realize that EveLive and HunkPrivates, their two primary brands are actually bigger names in Western Europe) CamsPower built the user experience around those consumers at Xcams and then created CamsPower to focus on the U.S. Market and Germany. T

he featured site is again called EveLive, not to be mistaken with LiveJasmin which is an AWE main brand site (learn more about that program here).

Anyway, the packages from camspower.com are all prepaid and not pay as you/ Their called, ‘packs’ which start at 25 bucks for 10 minutes all the way up to 230 minutes for just under 250 dollars the U.S. We think the price points are really good but I again will suggest you read all the way to the end to get our total insights, as far as if it is best to start your own adult webcam site with cams power or if another program will be a better and overall more profitable option.

Let’s start with the pros of camspower.com white label :

  • Fewer webmasters promoting this program means the creatives and landers will convert better since they are more apt to intrigue the users of adult tubes and adult content because they have not yet seen the layouts of these white label adult webcam sites.
  • Camspower is fast and it makes creating adult cam sites VERY easy. Kudos on this element!
  • Like most white label adult webcam programs you can use a sub-domain and in a day and age where duplicate content is an issue this is GREAT NEWS.
  • They offer preset niches which make it easy to control to get the target audience.
  • They offer the white label cam sites in 10+ languages and do not limit how many you can set up.
  • Responsive white label adult webcams. Compared the flirt4free white label program (registration for that program is here) camspower has a BIG advantage. The flirt4free white label program is really not responsive and does not do well with mobile traffic.
  • CamsPower also offers different layouts which is a unique approach and not offered by either BongaCams white label (reviews at that link) or AWE White label either (reviews at that link); or for that matter any of the other white label programs!

Now to the Cons of camspower.com white label:

There are really no cons I can see as far as the camspower white label program. As a matter of fact, our test traffic buys converted 40% better on CamsPower versus our white label sites with WebcamWiz.

CamsPower Reviews Conclusions:

I always suggest webmasters consider the user experience and look at the long play when they are using white label adult webcams programs to build a business. Customizations may be appealing at WebcamWiz but I suggest you join one of those sites and compare the sites to what cams power creates. When we did that we realized how much better the user experiences was on CamsPower sites.

Also considering most U.S. surfers have not seen the design of their sites this program is a phenomenal opportunity to be among the first to have this sleek new design. The features are also very unique in addition to more competitive pricing than most adult webcam sites. Together this program is poised to make webmasters a lot of money in the coming years.

You can create your own adult webcam site here with CamsPower.

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