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How to get a Streamate white label cam site set up

Updates for 2019: Please refer to our constantly updated list of the best performing white label adult cam programs on the home page. While Streamate is a fine program the rebuy rate has dropped substantially and the best roi for our leads is currently chaturbate. We now suggest Chaturbate affiliate program and white labels over streamate.

The streamate white label program is not as simple as just a quick registration button and here is why. Contrary to what you might have read at blackhatworld, posted novice by some webmaster or internet marketers, someone who may have thought running an adult webcam site was a get rich quick scheme; adult webcams do require online marketing skills and REAL work.

moneytree sextracker is the program you must join in order to set up your own streamate white label site.
moneytree sextracker closed to affiliates in late 2018

That being said there is a considerable sums of money to be made in this industry for those of us who are skilled and dedicated webmasters / internet marketers. As someone who has operated a successful streamate white label cam site I am sharing some screen shots of our results below so you can see first hand what sort of results we saw.

Our experiences using Streamate white label program

Keep in mind that like any new website it takes time to build up you traffic and build good quality online relationships that will result in quality incoming links. That being said, our streamate white label site started making money within 2 weeks and within 60 we were very happy with the results that we were seeing and the amount of money we were making on the program. Specifically, from organic marketing alone we had well over 250 registrations in those first two months. Our first streamate white label site went live in January 2014. SEE UPDATES. While Streamate continues to be a great program they closed their affiliate program in 2018 and now just offer white label options. We love the team over their but right now were seeing the best ROI for our traffic with sending users to both Chaturbate affiliate program and with our Chaturbate WL program as well.

Regardless of which program you are using….

Streamate affiliate program closed in Nov 2018 to new webmasters but we make the best current suggestions for conversion here.

Our success comes down to thee elements of the site itself.

1. The quality of the platform and specifically the fact that so many cam girls prefer their sites.

2. The technology a platform has. Navigation and transparency have to be super simple or people won’t keep coming back.

Obviously when it comes down to choosing a partner for a white label cam site the user experience is critical and clearly the cam sites that offer users the most are going to be the sites where the user returns the most.

Therefore, be careful in assuming premium over token cam sites will make you more as it’s simply not true.  Instead measure your results over at least 3 months and see what the return rates are as well as the average spend per user on adult webcams at that particular site, then add the totals together. Return rates at token cam sites are trumping premium sites now.

Clearly the sites that fair the best based on those metrics are where your energies ought to be directed.

What streamate white label cam do differently

Let’s talk though more about the streamate business model. In some cases, the streamate business model is one that customers prefer because once a person registers they are directly billed for time spent in private or gold shows. It is also rounded to the second. It is also discreetly billed. Compare that to the fact that sites like AWE (Jasmin), IMLive (PussyCash), Cams (Streamray by FFN) and many other cam sites require customers to pre-pay for packages that use tokens. Realize that tokens are essentially a virtual currency. Customers or rather users on adult cam sites are already weary of a cam site in general; so why you would want to not use a virtual currency or for that matter be anything less than totally transparent is beyond us. Virtual currency, tokens, or pre-paid packages all reduce the amount of times a user returns to an adult webcam site.

But not so far. Chaturbate has managed to overcome this notion because they pay cam girls a high percentage of their earnings and they allow social media marketing by cam girls themselves which has resulted in a cam site that’s 5x as large as most premium cam sites. While streamate wl sites are great, the fact is we have seen the best ROI with the Chaturbate affiliate program.

Starting your own white label streamate site

Before I get too far along in this post, let me share what many of you cam here for. Chances are you want to get a adult webcam site set up for your tube site or you want to start your own white label streamate site. They do still have a WL cam site offering but it’s important to realize that brands themselves convert better than trying to create your own brand. Measure and compare the opportunities promoting new popular cam sites like StripChat and CamSoda and you’ll see what we mean. Don’t follow the masses and keep a eye of where the users and models are going before everyone else does.

The single biggest income opportunities for adult webcam affiliates are in promoting the two newest token based cam girl chat sites which are the StripChat affiliate program and the CamSoda affiliate program. These are unsaturated offers.

Streamate whitelabel SEO and link Building

The harsh truth there are some 10,000 or more streamate white label cam sites and not only have most people seen them all they know it’s just a logo on top of the Streamate platform. That is a bad thing for you and these days are up for this challenge when it comes to making money with a streamate white label. Also when it comes to SEO for white label adult webcams it’s a waste of time link building to a streamate white label because the content is thin and Google will not index your site and you cannot change the CSS on Streamate white labels like you can at Chaturbate.  The ability to tweak more critical aspects of the Chaturbate WL cam sites over Streamate is a really huge strategic difference.

Streamate White Label Customizations

As we mentioned above, currently Google and most other search engines see little differentiation between streamate white label sites as well as white label adult webcam sites on all other platforms. Streamate has really no true customization ability that matters. I mean sure you can change the category display and meta desc and site name as well as color scheme but these are not factors Google search or Bing really care much about when it comes to ranking and getting organic traffic.

Most search engines are not indexing Streamate white label adult webcam sites. This is something that is being seen across the adult webcam industry. Thus you have to be first to the punch and use custom formats and creatives with the actual affiliate programs rather than a new wl brand. Considering the Mtree streamate affiliate program is closed and token cam sites are now all the rage we suggest StripChat affiliate program and CamSoda affiliate programYou can compare ALL white label webcam affiliate programs here.

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